Shamanic therapy with CBT, EMDR and life coaching

Shamanic therapy is where soul and mind meet. I believe that we need to engage with both in order to live rich and satisfying lives.

Humans are complex. We have many parts to us, each with many layers. Ultimately, we want to know them so that they can work for us when we want them, like instruments combining in an orchestra.

In my work, I combine my deep interest in people with my love of the world of the unseen. From early childhood, I have been fascinated by ancestors, the realm of spirit, and the connectivity of all living things.

Shamanic therapy uses traditional approaches to psychological wellbeing such as counselling, cognitive-behavioural therapy, EMDR for trauma and life coaching and integrates these with reiki, shamanic energy medicine, ceremony and work with ancestry (our ancient stories).

Is therapy right for you now?

A decision to enter therapy is life-affirming, but facing our inner challenges takes courage and commitment. Like climbing a mountain, we have to find the right path for us; decide to go alone or in a group, with a lot of help or not much. Although we cannot know the outcome for any person who takes the adventure to develop themselves, we do know what staying put will look and feel like. And for some people, that is the right thing to do.

For those who opt for self-development, the benefits of investing in self-knowledge and conscious change typically outweigh the discomforts and uncertainties that come with taking any journey into the unknown.

To sort out what matters; to clear or change what no longer serves is not a quick process; and it is not a cheap option. Yet, we have only one life that we are fully aware of, and it is important to make it the most fulfilling and purposeful that it can be.

In essence, the aim of therapy is to become free of habit. We all become used to patterns of thought, ways of relating to others, and to rather fixed ways of seeing the world. To move away from the known and predictable will generate uncertainty. Starting therapy can feel disruptive to our lives and our inner sense of ourselves. It can bring up thoughts and feelings that are confusing, and even frightening. This is a normal part of the process as we begin to assess what serves us and what doesn’t.

As general guidance, it is advisable not to make radical changes to your life, unless necessary, until you feel settled into therapy. Also, it is important to bring to therapy whatever ideas you may have for change in your life, so we can examine them carefully to see how best they might serve you. You are not here to please me!

None of the above is designed to frighten you, but to point out that ‘a change of course is a course of change’, so keeping yourself healthy, supported in your life, and ready to meet change will serve you well on your journey.

The ultimate aim is to move you towards a life that is lived more freely, consciously, and joyfully.

Cost: £100 per hour session. £50 concessionary rate.

Therapy session

60 minute session


To use the concessionary rate, please arrange with me.

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