Therapy for adults

People come to therapy because the stories that are told about them do no match up with their preferred identities.

It is a big decision to explore yourself and your life through therapy, yet it is also a big decision to leave things as they are! Sometimes we only act when things have got too bad and we are suffering too much. To achieve change, three things are needed:

  1. Insight
  2. Endurance
  3. Action

You have to understand the issue; you have to stick at working on it, even when it is hard; and you have to take actions that ultimately honour your true self.

My role is to work to understand you and support you to achieve the greatest joy and purpose in your life.

I typically suggest we work together for an agreed number of sessions, with a review at the end of each to consider whether more work is warranted and if so, what the focus would be and what outcome is sought?

How we work depends on personal preference as some people like to sit and talk; others to walk in nature and talk; others to work with objects or art materials; or to work with action methods such as role play, movement, and writing. Typically people find that several of these approaches are useful at different times. Likewise, the spacing of sessions is something that we explore and agree. Expressing your preferences is part of the work of knowing and respecting who you are.

It is also possible for us to schedule sessions online or via telephone, if preferred.

Cost: £60 per hour/ £30 concessionary rate

This cute baby owl suggests softness and stoicism as it sits alone on a tree branch. In therapy and the tradition of shamanism, the capacity to be alone and still retain the qualities of gentleness and connection to the world, are difficult but important to cultivate.

Adult therapy session

60 minute session in person, on the telephone, or online. Please contact me to arrange a concessionary rate.


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