One off sessions

Things are not always what they seem when viewed from a shamanic perspective

A single session focusing on an issue to bring relief and clarity

Sometimes we can go round and round in our heads, trying to figure out a solution or see a way forward. We need to find a way out of the muddle or set a new direction but we have got lost in the information or lack enough information to make a good decision.

Single session consultation can be a great way to cut through the detail and obtain valuable perspective. It really does help to share with someone who is impartial and experienced at deep listening.

A consultation might be on parents’ concerns about their child; how to move forward from a relationship or job ending; acquiring skills to deal with an ongoing stressful situation.

Consultations can take place in my therapy space, in nature, by telephone or online.

Breakthrough session

A breakthrough session offers a chance to set out the complexity of the question or issue. For some issues, we can be ‘stuck’ and so unable to take action. In that case, I typically recommend you speak while I listen in order to work out where the barriers to progress lie. We then identify those and work to shift them so you are able to take action.

Shamanic reading

Shamanic readings are also useful for when we are stuck but they really come into their own when we have lost direction or need to take a less linear approach to an issue.

For example, we may need to explore how a decision we are about to take may make us feel. Using objects or taking readings in nature allows for more intuitive thinking and can shed more light on a problem than talking and thinking.

Consultation session

A 75 minute session of in depth guidance


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