Shamanic Readings

Things are not always what they seem when viewed from a shamanic perspective

Shamanic readings bring focus and clarity to an issue

They can be done using specially chosen objects or they can be done by walking in nature and reading signs.

When we come out of our rational, linear minds and instead use intuition, unconscious knowing, and signs from the universe, we uncover the hidden depths of an issue. By taking these important elements into account, we make choices and decisions based on our authentic selves, rather than what our egos might suggest is ‘right’.

A reading with objects can be done in person or remotely where you guide me to work with the objects on your behalf. We do this live online.

Similarly, a reading in nature can be done online. For this, I take the walk for you, noticing signs and sequences. I take photos and video which are shared with you afterwards.

To do a reading in nature in person takes 1-2 hours. As there is some walking over uneven ground, reasonable mobility and good footwear are recommended.

Shamanic reading with objects or in nature

A 2 hour session of in depth guidance


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