What are breakthrough sessions?

Not everyone needs or wants to do in-depth psychological work. You might find that a single, focused session or a short course of sessions that looks at managing a specific situation or set of difficulties is more helpful. In fact, most people who seek psychological guidance have only one session. The next most popular option is just two sessions.

It can also be helpful to space sessions, allowing time for change and integration to occur.

Breakthrough sessions can be for one person, a couple, a group of friends or a family. They are available to anyone aged 12 and upwards, and can take place at my workspace, in nature, or via telephone or internet, as suits. To discuss if this might be helpful, please get in touch.

A great advantage of a breakthrough session is that you and I treat it as if it is the one and only time we will meet, and this allows us both to really prepare our questions and thoughts. It focuses our attention in a very concentrated way.

Cost: £75 per 1 hour and 15 minute session.

This cute baby owl suggests softness and stoicism as it sits alone on a tree branch. In therapy and the tradition of shamanism, the capacity to be alone and still retain the qualities of gentleness and connection to the world, are difficult but important to cultivate.

Breakthrough session

75 minute in-depth consultation for adults, young people, families and parents. In person, by telephone or online.


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