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About Bernadette Welcome to the website. I hope you will enjoy reading about the work I do. Here is some information about me:

I began my career training in clinical psychology, group psychotherapy and psychological assessment. I worked for many years in the NHS, and more recently in schools.

About three years ago I completed level 1 and then level 2 training in Reiki (a Japanese energy approach to healing). I did this because a friend of mine was dying of cancer. She requested it because she was Japanese and it became a lovely gentle way in which we connected during her final months.

Subsequently, I became more interested in alternative approaches to healing and so undertook a course in shamanic healing. Connecting with the earth, the collective unconscious of humanity and the wider universe, are ways that I have found helpful in guiding and deepening my practice. I believe that soul has largely been neglected in modern western medicine, and yet it is vital to our being and our purpose.

I believe that the purpose of my life is to help people to heal their hearts; and reconnect with their soul and their life purpose. It keeps me busy – and joyful.

My own path in life has taken much effort to find.

Like many people, my early life was taken up with survival, which often meant doing what I thought pleased others. I had (and still have) many patterns of relating to myself and others that do not serve my true purpose well, but they have served me at times. 

I believe that what we do not face and find release from, we leave for our descendants to try to do. This is not only true on an ecological front (the challenge of climate change) but also psychologically. 

For example, in my own life I have spent time healing the hurt and confusion that arose from being separated from my biological family shortly after birth. Prior to the birth of my own first child I had a completely irrational fear that I would be unable to care for a child and would simply give it up for adoption. Some time after realising this, I found out from my biological mother that she had not been raised by her own mother. Then the fear made sense. It was not simply my own, but represented broken connections that were inter-generational.

This knowledge set me on a journey to find ways to heal this family trauma, for my ancestors and for my descendants. I discovered that shamanic practices offer a very useful way of accessing our psychological DNA and finding ways to re-imagine and reinvent ourselves and our stories.

On a personal level I am glad I did this work as, a few months after meeting with my birth mum, she sadly died. Still, some of the threads that wove the fabric of our story had been re-stitched, and my heart was healthier for it. It will also be one less legacy of secrecy and shame for my children to tackle in their time.

As well as the typical interests of many people, I set aside time to rest, dream and connect with myself and the earth. I do this by practising yoga, dancing, spending time in nature, writing and finding something to laugh about every day.


Bernadette is lovely, very warm and easy to talk to. She is incredibly compassionate and understanding and has an ability to unpick situations in a clear way. It always feels like you are talking to a friend who has an ability to delve deeper to help you to better understand situations and yourself. I have greatly appreciated the help and support I have received from Bernadette and it has helped me immensely in dealing with my depression and anxiety. I highly recommend Bernadette to anyone looking for someone to talk to and help them work through any difficulties they are facing”

Lydia, Finchley

I was recommended to Bernadette by a friend of mine because for years I have suffered from a very severe form of eczema on my hands. They cause me problems from mild irritation to a very debilitating state whereby the cracked skin would break open and inevitably get infected. I have tried lots of creams, changed my diet, tried alternative treatments but nothing worked.

It was with some trepidation that I contacted Bernadette because I knew very little about shamanism and remote healing. She immediately put me at ease and I felt very relaxed. I found Bernadette to be a very understanding, empathetic and considerate practitioner who was dedicated to making my hands better. After only two sessions my hands improved dramatically and now look normal again and I am delighted.

Avril, Solihull

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