Shamanic readings with objects and in nature

  • Tapping into the wisdom of the collective unconscious to guide
  • Using objects and symbols to provoke thought and reveal connections
  • Contact me to find out more.

Shamanic reading using objects

This session can really only be done in person as it requires you to be able to touch, as well as see, the objects that I use. The full benefit cannot be obtained online.

In the session we use a collection of small, everyday objects or photographs to raise issues and illuminate complexity.

By coming out of our rational, linear mind and into the circular, connected mind we break free of constrictions in our thinking and restrictions on our inner vision. It can be a very effective and powerful way to deconstruct a problem or see alternative pathways.

Shamanic reading in nature

We spend our session in the local woods where we undertake a focused walk. Led by your question, dilemma or muddle, we seek illumination through what our senses notice. We pay attention to the signs we encounter and connect them back to your question. Like working with objects, people find it surprisingly helpful.

As there is walking, sometimes over muddy and uneven ground, reasonable mobility and good footwear are required.

Cost: £175 per session.

Shamanic reading

75 minute session in person


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