Head wrap for young adults

  • Short, focused ‘head wrap’ sessions and shamanic practices can be incredibly powerful for young people,
  • Where appropriate, they are a great alternative to longer-term therapy.
  • Contact me to find out more.

Head wrap

A head wrap is a single, focused session that lasts for an hour and 15 minutes.

We take your question or concern and break it down into its parts. From there, we set out next steps which might involve actions you can take or healing practices that you can use.

Any issue can be deconstructed in this way. Common concerns amongst young people are relationship dilemmas, questions about sex and intimacy, sexuality and identity, peer relationships, family conflicts, and personal distress such as anxiety, depression and obsessive thoughts.

Head wrap sessions are suitable for young people age 12 and upwards. The session is confidential, unless concerns about safeguarding arise.

Cost: £125 per session. You may bring a friend if you wish.

Headwrap session

75 minute session in person, by telephone or online.


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