Shamanic healing

A Shaman is a traditional healer who comes from his/her own culture or community.

Across the world these healers access the world of spirit and the world of plant medicine to gain knowledge that is used to heal people, animals and land. Shamanic practices have existed for thousands of years. Shamanism is not a religion, but a practice that is used by widely diverse cultures. In other words, Shamanism is a natural human practice that connects us to Spirit, the collective unconscious and our ancestors.

Seeing through a different lens

How it works

Shamanism is the practice of accessing the world of spirit through altered states of consciousness, what we typically think of as trance or meditative states. For some cultures, plant medicine may be used, but this is less common in western adaptations.

Typically in western cultures the shamanic practitioner uses a drum or rattle to slow his/her own brainwaves and so alter perception. Then a journey is made to the world of spirit on behalf of the person seeking healing. Specific advice or actions may be suggested for you to use. You do not alter consciousness, but may find the experience relaxing as typically people lie quietly while I work.

Shamanic Practices

Energy medicine and power animal retrieval

Everything is energy in some form.

Our words and thoughts are energy, just as our actions are.

In this way, we pick up other people’s energy, even when they are not communicating. According to Shamanism, we give and receive energy to others and sometimes this can be unhelpful. For example, we may have been told as children that we cannot sing well enough to join a choir. This remark may stay with us and over time it can become a powerful inhibitor of our voice. The thoughts, beliefs and opinions of others can remain with us and make it difficult for us to act naturally.

Energy medicine extraction involves finding and releasing this energy, thus freeing you up. It is a gentle and safe experience in which you lie comfortably and I use spirit animals and guides to help me find and release this extra energy.

To ensure that the space left by the departed energy is not filled with energy that you do not want I complete the session by journeying to the world of Spirit to meet your power animal (which is your own special animal guide). I invite it to return with me and blow it into your heart.

Shamanic animal family

Prior to the session I do preliminary work with Spirit to prepare and ensure that you will be looked after. The actual session with you typically lasts 1 and a 1/2 to 2 hours which includes preparation to ensure you feel comfortable, the energy extraction and power animal retrieval, and follow up discussion with you over a cup of tea.

Energy medicine and power animal retrieval

A 2-3 hour session in person or by distance.


Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval follows on from energy extraction. It involves me journeying to the world of Spirit in the company of your power animal. Once there, we ask to be shown aspects of you that may have left you because they were neglected, unwanted, or because they were sent away to keep them safe.

For example, you may be so busy in your life that there seems to be no time for a hobby that brings you a lot of pleasure. Or, you enjoyed something but think you should have ‘outgrown’ it. It can also happen that a trusting or loving part of you left because someone broke your trust.

The experience of lying down and resting while I work is similar to energy extraction and you do not have to do anything specific during the session. At the end, when perhaps three or four parts have returned to you, I will let you know what specific actions Spirit may ask you to take to ensure that your returned soul parts are looked after. I will follow up with an email so you don’t have to remember them.

If you would like to experience energy medicine or have questions about Shamanism, please get in touch.

Soul Retrieval Session

A 2-3 hour session in person or by distance


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