Energy medicine and soul retrieval

Shamanic healing provides gentle but powerful support to your energy body and soul. It seeks to redress the imbalances that arise for all of us as we interact with other people and the world.

There is nothing more joyous than the sight of nature at play
As nature intended

What shamanic healing involves

Shamanic healing processes are gentle and relaxing.

We know from physics that all matter is energy and that energy can only be transformed, never created or destroyed.

Energy medicine focuses on our energy body which has both material and energetic properties. Material and energy can convert to each other and our bodies can ‘store’ energy traces and energetic intrusions (energy that has come into our energy field). In turn, these intrusions can give rise to physical discomfort and ailments.

Energy extraction and power animal retrieval

We have all met people who are ‘hard work’, whose presence leaves us feeling depleted, negative or bothered in some way. We can all sense the energy level and integrity of people. That ability, along with intuition, are probably the oldest detection and communication tools of humans and animals, predating our language development by millenia.

In energy medicine work, we seek to remove intrusions and return them to source (if known) or send them away, thereby clearing space and returning equilibrium. The space that has been created is filled with positive energy in the form of a spirit animal.

Soul retrieval

Soul retrieval involves the return of energy from parts of our authentic self that have been sent away by us or have departed from us. These soul parts may have gone due to lack of use or to keep them safe.

The processes of extraction and retrieval contribute to the restoration of your personal power.

If you have questions about Shamanism, please get in touch.

Shamanic healing

A 1-2 hour session of energy extraction or soul retrieval, with preparation and write up.


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