Energy medicine and power animal retrieval

Power animals are a very important element in shamanism. From them we learn skills and life lessons. Power animal retrieval is the process whereby the spirit of an animal is invited to support us.

Energy medicine practices, such as extraction, remove negative intrusions from your energy body, unburdening you and allowing your energy to flow more freely.

Energy medicine and power animal retrieval are core practices in shamanism, as practised in western countries.

Everything is composed of matter and matter is energy. Energy can move location and it can change form, but it can never cease to exist. From a physics perspective, the law governing energy is such that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed, only changed.

In our lives, we pick up (and give away) energy all the time and mostly it is beneficial. Occasionally, though, we encounter people, places or situations that transmit a negative energy charge and we may not even be aware that this is happening.

We have all met people who are ‘hard work’, whose presence leaves us feeling depleted, negative or bothered in some way. We can all sense the energy level and integrity of people. That ability, along with intuition, are probably the oldest detection and communication tools of humans and animals, predating our language development by millenia.

Energy medicine extraction is a gentle and safe experience in which you lie comfortably and I use spirit animals and guides to help me.

Power animal retrieval

To ensure that the space left by the departed energy is not filled with energy that you do not want, I complete the session by journeying to the world of spirit to meet your power animal (which is your own special animal guide). I invite it to return with me and blow it into your heart.

The process can be done in person or remotely.

Energy medicine can be successfully used to clear buildings or land. With modification, it can be used to prepare land or a building for upcoming disruption and change, such as when building work is planned. I used this approach prior to the construction of my garden workspace, as a courtesy to the land and to prepare the garden for the changes.

Energy healing using Reiki

Extraction medicine can incorporate reiki too. The main difference with using reiki is that you are a more active participant in the process. In energy extraction you can assist me to locate the places in your body where unwanted energy may be held. You are invited to use simple visualisation (which I help you to do) to achieve this. When we locate the energy you can choose whether you want the energy released, or whether you want to retain it, but have it transformed so that it is available to you for your use.

As well as removing or changing energy intrusions we can work together to find and remove unhelpful energetic cords. These are energy attachments that link us in unhelpful ways to people. These may have originated as unhealed emotional wounds, curses or insults, or where a person harbours a grudge against us. It is not necessary for you to know where cords may have come from in order for them to be removed as I journey to find out about them on your behalf. Again, you have a choice whether to remove the cords or enter a dialogue with the higher part of the person who is the initiator of the cords. Either way, we ensure that both ends of the cords are removed so that your personal power is restored and optimised.

Extraction medicine and power animal retrieval

A 2 hour session that involves the removal of energy intrusions and the restoration of personal power.


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