Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki is a blend of shamanic practices and the Japanese approach to using universal energy to heal.

In Reiki the practitioner channels universal energy through the hands for the benefit of the client. It is not necessary to actually lay hands on the person; it can be done without direct touch.

Energy healing using Reiki

Both energy extraction and preventing soul loss can be done with Reiki. The main difference with using Reiki is that you are a more active participant in the process. For example, in energy extraction you can assist me to locate the places in your body where unwanted energy may be held. You are invited to use simple visualisation (which I help you to do) to achieve this. When we locate the energy you can choose whether you want the energy released, or whether you want to retain it but have it transformed so that it is available to you for your use.

As well as removing or changing energy intrusions we can work together to find and remove unhelpful energetic cords. These are energy attachments that link us in unhelpful ways to people. These may have originated as unhealed emotional wounds, curses or insults, or where a person harbours a grudge against us. It is not necessary for you to know where cords may have come from in order for them to be removed as I journey to find out about them on your behalf. Again, you have a choice whether to remove the cords or enter a dialogue with the higher part of the person who is the initiator of the cords. Either way, we ensure that both ends of the cords are removed so that your personal power is restored and optimised.


I normally use Shamanic Reiki practices with clients with whom I have built a trusting relationship, because it can be too daunting to participate when you don’t know me and my work well.

Preventing Soul Loss using Reiki

In Shamanic Reiki preventing soul loss is an experience that you can participate actively in. The difference between soul retrieval and soul loss prevention is that a retrieval restores the soul or essence piece back to the person after it has been away for some time.

Soul loss prevention immediately returns the energy, or works to convince the energy not to leave at that moment when it felt impelled to leave. This is possible because, in spiritual reality, time is non linear.

Past, present and future occur simultaneously, making it possible to access the exact moment the soul part fragmented and fled. Then we intervene to replace the part, reorient it or request it to return and be integrated. It is a very empowering experience that can bring closure, vitality, and a deep sense of wholeness.


The process of time travelling to prevent soul loss is a powerful experience. It is a practice that is only done with well-established clients who meet certain conditions of suitability.

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