Shamanic divination with objects

Divination is the use of objects or signs for the purposes of gaining insight and direction.

This way of working can bring a new perspective that you might not always get from talking or thinking about something. It can bring the hidden depths of a situation to light, or clarify the lessons a life experience has for you.

Shamanic traditions around the world use a number of ways to gain in-depth insight and vision about our lives. Sometimes stones (such as runes) are cast and read; animal signs and prints may be interpreted; or the shaman may make a spiritual journey on behalf of a person.

In a divination session, we work with a set of specially chosen objects to obtain guidance on a question or a matter of significance to you. It is a slow, gentle process that requires preparation time on my part beforehand, and about 75-90 minutes together.

The session can be conducted remotely, whereby I source an object to represent you, journey on your behalf and provide e-mail or phone feedback.

Cost: £150 (up to 3 hours required).

This cute baby owl suggests softness and stoicism as it sits alone on a tree branch. In therapy and the tradition of shamanism, the capacity to be alone and still retain the qualities of gentleness and connection to the world, are difficult but important to cultivate.

Shamanic divination with objects

2-3 hour session in person or by distance.


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