Shamanic divination using an image/glyph

A glyph is a drawing of a pattern or symbol.

This simple, beautiful process is particularly beneficial where questions concerning preparation for death arise.

You may want to know how best to prepare your emotional and financial affairs; you may seek knowledge of what lies beyond this life; you may seek contact with people who are deceased.

To answer questions like these, we use a drawing that I make specially for you before we meet. We use this drawing as a portal that enables us to quieten our senses and open our inner awareness to seek guidance and answers. It is a gentle experience that many people find comforting and life-affirming.

Cost: £150 (up to 3 hours required).

This cute baby owl suggests softness and stoicism as it sits alone on a tree branch. In therapy and the tradition of shamanism, the capacity to be alone and still retain the qualities of gentleness and connection to the world, are difficult but important to cultivate.

Shamanic healing with a glyph

Session up to 2 hours in person, 1 hour of preparation. In person only.


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