Breakthrough sessions for adults

In a breakthrough consultation we map out a problem or issue that matters to you. Using powerful psychological and shamanic practices, I help you get to the very heart of the issue. This 75 minute session can be done in person, by phone or Skype.

Life can throw all sorts at us, and sometimes we can’t imagine a way out of a situation, or see how to resolve an agonising dilemma. We may be held hostage by fears, demands and thinking patterns which block us from the deep wisdom we all possess.

In a breakthrough consultation you will:

  • Have a safe space to voice and explore your concerns
  • Experience compassionate, non-judgmental listening
  • Use psychological approaches to access the core aspects of the issue and find ways forward for you to take.

Breakthrough sessions are designed to bring relief and allow you to access your own inner wisdom.

Cost: £75 per hour and 15 minutes.

This cute baby owl suggests softness and stoicism as it sits alone on a tree branch. In therapy and the tradition of shamanism, the capacity to be alone and still retain the qualities of gentleness and connection to the world, are difficult but important to cultivate.

Breakthrough consultation

75 minute in-depth session in person, by telephone or online.


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