Soul retrieval

Soul retrieval returns your vital energy that has been lost.

Soul retrieval is a powerfully healing experience that restores essence or vital energy to you.

The energy loss may have occurred following a shock event, trauma, grief, betrayal or humiliation. In order to protect against further harm, the person sends the hurt part of themselves away.

Less dramatically, we all ‘lose’ parts of ourselves as we modify who we are in order to fit in with the expectations of family and society. This can take the form of neglecting hobbies, for example, because we don’t have time for ourselves so much. However small or large the loss, or however long since it departed, it continues to exist as energy that belongs to us.

Typically, the process of soul retrieval follows on from extraction and power animal retrieval; the idea being that one wants to lose what is not one’s own, gain support and then bring back lost aspects of self.

To do soul retrieval I journey, with your power animal, to the spirit world to meet any soul parts that could return to you. I invite them to return and accompany each one, singly. Typically, three or four parts may return. Afterwards, I may have suggestions for you to ensure that the soul parts remain with you.

As with extraction, the process is gentle and you do not have do anything, apart from rest. I will follow up with an email so you have all the information.

Soul retrieval can be done remotely, with me using a specially chosen object to represent you.

Preventing soul loss with reiki

In shamanic reiki, preventing soul loss is an experience in which you participate actively. The difference between soul retrieval and preventing soul loss is that a retrieval restores the soul piece, whereas prevention immediately returns the energy- this is possible because, in spiritual reality, time is non-linear.

Past, present and future occur simultaneously, making it possible to access the exact moment the soul part split and fled. It is at this point that we intervene- either to replace the part, redirect it, or request it to return to you.

It is a very empowering experience that can bring closure, vitality, and a deep sense of wholeness.

Please note: As this process of time travelling to prevent soul loss is a powerful experience, it is best done only if we have worked together for a while.

Shamanic healing- soul retrieval session

This session aims to find and return to you the parts of your vital self that have been lost or sent away. It includes preparation time and written follow up.



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