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Life throws many challenges at us. Sometimes these arrive unexpectedly; sometimes they creep up on us. We can find ourselves in unchartered waters, unsure of which direction to take. We may find that, as part of the challenge, we experience difficulties that prevent us from managing our lives. These commonly take the form of anxiety or depressive feelings, or a sense of being out of control with our minds, bodies and lives- out of balance in some way.

In therapy how we think about things is crucial. Often we don't question how helpful or true our thoughts may be.

Whatever the challenge at whatever age, I believe we have great capacity to heal and develop ourselves. The decision to meet those challenges by showing up to make the necessary changes is a crucial first step in gaining control, perspective and relief. The approaches on offer here are designed to support the efforts you make.

My role is to accompany you on this part of your healing journey, helping you to gain strength and direction. I use my knowledge and skills in psychology, psychotherapy and the strength of the collective spirit of humanity through shamanic practices to guide you in this process.

“We are spiritual beings having a human experience”, as De Chardin remarked. I think it is hard being human, as life and people are complex and evolving.

I do not think that one single approach works for everyone. I think that most people need different things in different amounts at different times. I certainly have! My challenge is to use my skills and experience to find the best path for you, and that includes not working with me at all, but helping you to find other routes or people to help you.

I am happy to work in person, online or via telephone. I offer single sessions, short courses in healing and ongoing therapy. I work with young people and adults.

I am on the register of practitioner psychologists (number PYL17299), held by the Health and Care Professions Council who are responsible for regulating my profession so that standards are maintained and practitioners are accountable for their conduct.

I also maintain a current Disclosure and Barring Service certificate which is necessary for work with children and vulnerable people.

I have Public and Professional Liability Insurance for my professional practice.


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